Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I am not a blogger.  I have had this blog for years and nothing much has been done with it.  But, when the recent floods hit Texas I knew that I needed to take some action to help others and with that, come blogging.  So, please bear with me as I bumble through this. 

The state of Texas is many things to many people.  To millions it is home.  Texas has recently dealt with severe weather including flooding and tornados in many areas, the worst of which was in Hays County and the city of Houston.  I am a resident of Hays County, I have had to deal with flooded roads, rain, high winds and losing a few shingles on my house.  I am one of the lucky ones.  Many others have had to deal with flooding of their homes and the loss of loved ones.  To date there have been 28 deaths associated with the flooding and several of these people are still missing.  There have been hundreds of houses flooded and many completely washed away.  As the flood waters recede people are returning home, to find mud, mold, venomous snakes, fire ants and rodents in their homes making the clean up that much more difficult.

This is where we come in.  This amazing community of quilters has rushed to help others in need countless times and this time is no different.  I am asking for anyone willing to help make quits for some of those who have lost all. Please help me flood Texas with love (and quilts!)

(Photo borrowed from Cheryl Arkison)

Miss Cheryl Arkison has graciously agreed to let us use her Just One Slab  block so we can #floodtexaswithlove.  The blocks are made with one color per "slab," any color works (this is basically an improv block, have fun with it!)  The blocks will be made using her directions and dimensions.  Each block will be 15.5" square and the hope is to make quilts that will be 60" x 75" in a rainbow of colors.  Add the white or don't, prints, solids, all are welcome.  I would like to have all blocks in the mail by June 30th.  Along with construction of the slabs I am also looking for volunteers to piece, quilt and bind these quilts. 

If you can't make a block(s) you can donate through Paypal to sara_stetson@yahoo.com in any amount.  All money will be used for quilt materials (batting/backings/thread/binding), shipping and long arm services. Any excess money collected will be donated to the Red Cross of Central Texas.  (I am happy to provide documentation if requested to show the donations are used correctly!)

Please email me at sara_stetson@yahoo.com or send me a private message on Instagram @supersara20 when you are ready to ship your blocks and I will send you my mailing address. 

Thank you all in advance!