Sunday, June 3, 2012

Inconsistently Yours, Sara

I am learning to embrace that I am not a very good blogger, I just would rather make things than write about them and to show them off I use Flickr.  Instant gratification works best for me and I'm ok with this.  That being said I do like to every now and then just write.  So here's my ramblings for now to show what I've been up to: 

I bought a house:  

I have been trying to figure out what some of these gorgeous flowers are:  

I've made a quilt for my Mr.:  

And I'm working on one for our family reunion auction which we do each year.  Everyone makes or brings one item to auction to raise funds for next years reunion: 

And we got a puppy!  Millie!

I've been a busy girl!  So, I'll continue to blog but I can't promise anything but more inconsistency!  

Inconsistently Yours,