Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm back, hopefully.

I have never been the best blogger out there and I fully admit it but I've been particularly absent lately.  I have done very little sewing due to some unfortunate occurances.  As some of you know, I was going to be buying a house and moving.  In December the Mr. and I found a lovely home and it went under contract.  A number of issues came up and we lost the house.  We were extremely upset over the whole thing.  I wanted to change realtors but the Mr. believed they needed a second chance.  A second house came along, but went under contract to another buyer.  The third house we got, put it under contract but upon appraisal it was determined to be valued less than the seller wanted and the seller refused to budge on the price.  Third house down the drain.  So, now we're having to move into a temporary apartment that is super tiny and super expensive, put our belongings into storage and start over with a new realtor.  Everyone keeps telling us it was meant to be and the houses so far were not meant to be.  I am trying to be optomistic but am lately a slight basket case.  So, please bear with me and please be understanding as I look for my fourth and hopefully final home which is meant to be for us.  Hopefully then, I can get back to sewing and planning my wedding. 

The one thing I have finished lately is this:

I made it using this tutorial from Jeni at In Color Order.  The fabric is from a fat quarter bundle I won in a giveaway.  It is Pat Bravo's Bespoken in the Lush colorway and Kona black.