Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oy Vey!

I said I was going to give the Interlocking Seasons block another try and I'm glad I did.  It gave me clear prespecitve that I NEVER want to make that block again.  I ripped the seam on that center white block about 7 times, I finally left it because a.) it looked better than before and b.) the fabric probably would have crumbled had I ripped it again.  I'm embracing the flaws of it and just looking at it from afar so that I just look at the overall design instead of the many mistakes I made.  The effect is lovely and the fabrics are bright, bold and patriotic so it will look nice in the overall quilt. 

Is the end truely worth the means?

Tonight was one of those nights where you're not quite sure if you should just chuck the whole thing in the trash.  I found this gorgeous block tutorial and just had to try it.  The instructions seemed easy enough but of course I didn't read them completely.  I of course ended up using my best friend the seam ripper quite a bit consequently.  About 3 hours later (at least it seemed that long) I was finished.  There are quite a few seams and lines that don't line up perfectly but for a first try on a mind bender of a pattern I think I did pretty damned well!  Not sure if I'm going to attempt this again or not.  I will have to sleep on it to decide if I'm going to make one for myself in reds, whites and blues for my 4th of July quilt. 

Oh heck, I haven't slept on it and I know I'll end up making another tomorrow! 

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Over achiever here!

Just yesterday I got my BSA swap partner information, I rushed out and bought the needed fabric for the block and can you believe it; I'm already finished!  Normally I'm not this fast but this one was a new block for me with colors I really enjoyed.  I really hope that my partner Lana likes it.

Still waiting on my July block from my partner. Can't wait to see how wonderful it is!  Hurry up Mail Man!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Ok, admittedly I am new to blogging but I'm feeling a little frustrated with this site.  I cannot seem to get any of the gadgets to work on my page.  Any help? 

Sunday, July 17, 2011


My newest project is coming along nicely.  I found a project on Little Miss Shabby's blog.  Birdie stitches, BOM.  I decided to do it for my sister and call them chickens since her nickname from me has been "Chicken" for as long as I can remember.  I used Moda fabrics Wing It line and it was my first time using pre cut pieces.  I used a scant quarter inch due to the edges not being smooth and a little confusion on where the actual edge was.  With that explained my squares are a little too big so they don't line up in the corners which drives me just slightly crazy!  I've decided to embrace it instead of ripping apart all my work!  (Inhale, now just go with it!) 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finally Finished

I am new to blogging however not new to quilting.  I have recently taken a quilting class to refresh my memory and learn a few new tricks.  The class involved making a lap quilt from a certain number of blocks which could be turned different ways to make a number of finished looks for the quilt.  Of course I was not satisfied with just making a lap quilt so I decided to make a king sized bed quilt.  The class is long over however I was not done.  I still had a few borders to add on.  Nearly a year after receiving the class as a birthday gift the quilt top is completed.  It is too big however to photograph well to show the true size.  Next step is backing and finding a quilter to complete it.  Good luck to me!