Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is the end truely worth the means?

Tonight was one of those nights where you're not quite sure if you should just chuck the whole thing in the trash.  I found this gorgeous block tutorial and just had to try it.  The instructions seemed easy enough but of course I didn't read them completely.  I of course ended up using my best friend the seam ripper quite a bit consequently.  About 3 hours later (at least it seemed that long) I was finished.  There are quite a few seams and lines that don't line up perfectly but for a first try on a mind bender of a pattern I think I did pretty damned well!  Not sure if I'm going to attempt this again or not.  I will have to sleep on it to decide if I'm going to make one for myself in reds, whites and blues for my 4th of July quilt. 

Oh heck, I haven't slept on it and I know I'll end up making another tomorrow! 

Happy Sewing!

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