Sunday, July 17, 2011


My newest project is coming along nicely.  I found a project on Little Miss Shabby's blog.  Birdie stitches, BOM.  I decided to do it for my sister and call them chickens since her nickname from me has been "Chicken" for as long as I can remember.  I used Moda fabrics Wing It line and it was my first time using pre cut pieces.  I used a scant quarter inch due to the edges not being smooth and a little confusion on where the actual edge was.  With that explained my squares are a little too big so they don't line up in the corners which drives me just slightly crazy!  I've decided to embrace it instead of ripping apart all my work!  (Inhale, now just go with it!) 


  1. Your stitchery is beautiful!! Had to laugh at your sister being called Chicken - that is what my grandson calls his Aunt Kristen.

  2. They look gorgeous! I do love those birdie (chicken) stitcheries - I'm sure your sister will love them!